spherical valves

What are Spherical Valves?

Spherical Valves are installed as special shut-off valves for high pressure water at the end of the penstock most commonly used in front of the turbine. The main function of this type of valve is to shut-off the penstock during normal shutdown or automatically in case of emergency due to a turbine malfunction or a…

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slide and fixed wheels gates

Discover our Slide & Fixed Wheels Gates

With more than 100 clients and 70 covered countries, Vortex Hydra is one of the major players in both residential construction and renewable energy industries. Innovation and engineering are the two main keywords of this company, combined with the strong international orientation which, over the years, has led Vortex Hydra to be one of the…

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miter gates

Vortex Hydra’s Miter Gates: Functioning and Benefits

Miter gates are the most used hydraulic closures in inland navigation locks. Their history dates back to the 15th century, when Leonardo da Vinci invented the first version of this hydraulic solution. The purpose of these gates is to allow boats navigating on a water flow to bypass obstructive structures creating different water levels.  …

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radial gates production

Our Radial Gates Production

Vortex Hydra is pleased to present its production of Radial Gates. The gates, in hydraulic engineering, are movable barriers for controlling the passage of fluid through a channel, like a river or a canal, where usually there are a pair of gates at each end. The radial gates or tainter gates are similar in principle,…

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Butterfly Valves for Dams

Butterfly Valve: Applications and Functioning

The purpose of a butterfly valve is to regulate or isolate the flow of different type of fluid, gas or solid material and they have applications across several industries. What characterizes most of the butterfly valves used on dams and hydroelectric plants is their significant dimension and subsequently the very high pressure that the valves…

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