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Flap gates are mainly employed to control the flow of water through flood barriers, reservoirs and rivers.

Flap gates are of a heavy duty structural design consisting of a steel reinforced skin plate the outer side of which is loaded against the water pressure when the gate is in a closed position.

The Flap Gates are designed to operate in a vertical position whereby they restrict the main flow of water but at the same time create a ‘water jump’ over the top of the gate, from upstream side to downstream side of the gate. When the Flap Gates are fully open they lowered to the bottom level of the river so enabling full water flow to pass over them.

The opening/closing movement is supported by a set of lower hinges attached to the concrete soil;

The Flap Gates are fabricated in steel plate that is suitably reinforced with various steel sections to withstand the water pressures.

Flexible and custom made design solutions:

  • The gate dimensions can be adapted to fit with the existing site conditions or with special design required by the civil works;
  • Sealing System: rubber seals located in both the bottom foundation beams and side edges of the gates seat into a stainless steel sealing frames that are attached to adjacent pier mounted lateral shields.
  • Possibility to operate in a partially open position to allow regulate the downstream water flow.
  • Possibility to operate in submerged conditions with sealing at the top of the gate. In this event a special sealing system in the upper side of the gate is provided.


Versatile Operating systems:

A) Hydraulic cylinder single action: opening by pressurized oil and closing by self weight. The cylinders can be placed eather on the lateral pier or in the downstream side of the gate leaf in intermediate position according to the gate width;
B) Special operational system defined and agreed with the customer;


Possibility to supply a full set of accessories:

  • Hydraulic Power unit;
  • Electrical Cabinet;
  • Original Spare Parts;


All phases of the engineering design and fabrication through to final testing are undertaken by Vortex Hydra in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Vortex Hydra’s range of application:

  • Wide range of dimensions without limitations in width and height