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The Stoplogs are steel bulkheads that are used in channels or control structures to hold back the flow of water. They are individually lowered on top of one another via a vertical guide system to a pre-determined height, to suit the dimensions of the sluice that they are restricting the water flow through. The design of the Stop Logs is a single rectangular unit that can be used in single or modular format to hold back different volumes of water.

As a rule, stoplogs are designed and fabricated to order to achieve the most effective modular increments to suit the requirements of the particular site where they will be employed.

These type of gates are fabricated in steel plate that is suitably reinforced with various steel sections to withstand the water pressures.

Flexible and custom made design solutions:

  • The stoplogs dimensions can be adapted to fit with the existing site conditions or with special design required by the civil works;
  • Sealing System: rubber in bottom, top (when necessary) and lateral sides, of each stoplog element, seated in metal (counter-seat in stainless steel attached to the concreted frame).
  • They are normally equipped with an integrated bypass system operated by the lifting beam which allows to lift the stoplogs in balanced conditions, limiting the lifting system capacity;


Versatile Operating systems:

A) The smooth raising and lowering of the stoplogs in their guides to achieve the required overall height is by means of a lifting beam that forms part of a suitable lifting system;
B) Special operational system defined and agreed with the customer;


Possibility to supply a full set of accessories:

  • Bypass system;
  • Lifting system (cranes or different equipment);
  • Original Spare Parts;

All phases of the engineering design and fabrication through to final testing are undertaken by Vortex Hydra in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Vortex Hydra’s range of application:

  • Wide range of dimensions without limitations in width and height;