As part of a maintenance program for the Sassenage hydroelectric power plant (France), Hydrostadium – Subsidiary of the EDF Group launched in 2018 a call for tender for the supply of a DN500 PN68 rotative ball valve, for which Vortex Hydra Srl turned out to be the successful contractor.

The supply included the manufacture of the new rotary valve, the transport to the site, the disassembly of the existing valve and the installation of the new valve together with a water panel for piloting the mobile ring and with all the piping and accessories necessary to make the valve fully operational. The preliminary engineering study phase and the installation phase saw a full cooperation between the Vortex team and the chargé d’affair, with the common goal of finalizing the works within the agreed deadline.

EDF’s requirements, in terms of technical standard and quality of execution, proved to be an arduous and stimulating challenge at the same time, but full of satisfaction once the valve has been installed and tested.