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Vortex Hydra, 50 years of evolution and experience for generating solutions and new ideas for developing products, machines and plants.

The VH Group was established in 1967 thanks to the initiative of a team of engineers that decided to enter business to address the growing market of industrial automation.

The strength of this company is the competence and know-how of the staff, the high quality of the work, customized solutions and the quality of the production process, which follows specific standards in all the processing steps, from start to finish!

Vortex Hydra is committed to maintaining a high quality level in its production and it’s committed to respecting an environmental policy and a sustainable sourcing policy. Let’s discover in this article more details about the quality of this company.


Quality, safety and environmental policy


Addressing the issue of globalization, energy conservation and respect of health and safety at work has become essential to meet the challenge of the market and satisfy all stakeholders. Vortex Hydra has implemented a top management system to achieve certain objectives and has adopted, as a strategic decision, a system of integrated quality management, environment and safety.

There are a lot of addresses to pursue through the planning, implementation, monitoring and reviewing of measurable objectives, managed through appropriate improvement plants.

Top management is committed to:

  • set credible goals, measurable and ambitious;
  • providing the necessary resources;
  • promote awareness of the importance of the work of each to achieve those objectives;
  • review the objective, the results and determine the consequences of government actions in the system.


Sustainable sourcing policy

Vortex Hydra
is also committed to respect the environment in all its activities, so top management has adopted, as a strategic decision, a system of integrated quality management, environment and safety in compliance with all the standards required.


Sustainable and ethical business practices

We expect our suppliers to ensure sustainable and ethical business practices; this is ensured by the fact that our chain of supply is mainly based on Italian Companies, the rest are European Companies.


Plants and process safety

We expect our suppliers to ensure that the design and the operation of production and manufacturing processes are safe for their employees, the public and the surrounding communities.


Product safety

We expect our suppliers to ensure their products are safe for their intended use in terms of human health and the environment. In case of hazardous materials, product safety must be evaluated in a risk assessment process.


Anti-corruption and fair competition

We expect our suppliers to be honest in their dealings with others and they should be committed to the principles of fair competition.


Material-specific requirements

We are committed to ensure conflict-free supply chains for our materials and expect our suppliers to support this goal.


Evaluation of our suppliers

Vortex suppliers and service providers are evaluated with respect to their abilities to meet the company’s requirements and specific expectations.



These are the main principles that Vortex Hydra follows during its production processes, trying to maintain a low environmental impact and respecting high quality standards. If you need more information on our company, discover our website