BlogVortex Hydra's Main Activities

With 70 covered countries, over 70 clients and more than 100 installed valves, Vortex Hyrda has been generating solutions and new ideas for developing products, machinery and plants for over 50 years.

Vortex Hydra has become an international design specialist of concrete roof tile manufacturing and hydraulic engineering, focusing on developing equipment for water control systems including mechanical structure dams, rivers and waterways. Today the Vortex Group is a major player in both residential construction and renewable energy industries.

Discover in the article below what Vortex Hydra Group main activities are:


Design Engineering

The Vortex Hydra team is composed of a young and enterprising group of Engineers and Technicians that are fully capable of devising innovative solutions tailored to suit of the customer’s needs.

This makes Vortex Hydra a reliable point of reference for the development of new proposals for Hydro-mechanical Equipment and Safety Valves for Hydropower Plants.


Manufacturing & Quality Management

Vortex Hydra also operates with high quality control procedures during the manufacturing process. The quality control and the inspection plan can be customized to incorporate any of the customer’s quality requirements, including everything from material acquisition to the testing of the equipment.

Following these procedures, a product is traced in all phases from material supply and manufacturing up to final testing, to ensure the best quality of all the structures.


Assembly & Workshop Tests

The tests are normally performed on current International Standards but they can be customized to suit the clients specific requirements, which need to be provided to Vortex Hydra in advance.

There are two types of tests:

  • Operational Tests:

Which consist of testing the opening and closing functions of the valve to guarantee proper functioning and right timing of the operational cycle. It also allows   to set up the possible electrical or mechanical devices connected to the moving parts to allow process control.

  • Hydraulic Pressure Tests:

With these tests, we assess the proper assembly and the conditions of the valve, we control its sealing performance and check the water control circuit.


Packaging & Shipping

Vortex Hydra strives to offer the most suitable packaging and transportation of the equipment. Our company optimizes the shipment dimensions for safe transportation while offering the most cost efficient solution. We provide comprehensive packinging ranging from plastic wrapping on timber pallets to timber crates with moisture barriers for transporting by ground, sea or air.


Replacement of Existing Valves

Vortex Hydra also provides repairs or total replacement of equipment. The company has the  availability to adapt its design concept to suit different worksite conditions when replacing old equipment with new. This process comes after a preliminary study of the current work site conditions which ensures the correct  analysis of which intervention is necessary.


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