BlogBottom Outlet Bonnetted Gates

For the “Custom Made Hydromechanical Equipment” category, Vortex Hydra presents the Bottom Outlet Bonneted Gates. These types of structures are high pressure gates that are employed as a safety device during dams general maintenance operations. Located at the bottom of the dam’s basin, they consist of a pressurized pipe that is closed by twin sliding gates that allow water to pass through even when partially open.


Structure of the Gates

The design of the sealed case allows to withstand pressure conditions without water leak on the deck floor, where the cylinders and the related control units are normally installed.

The structure consist in a completely enclosed rectangular-port sliding gate for regulating and closing flow through the outlet works of dams.

Bottom Outlet Bonnetted Gates are designed to be embedded in concrete after installation. They are robust fabricated construction made of carbon steel, with high-performance bronze of stainless steel seat. May be equipped with air vent piping system to avoid cavitation and with by-pass for pressure balancing.


Characteristics of the Servomotors

Servomotors (or cylindres) for Bottom Outlet Gates are flexible and resistant in performances, shape and material, they are always manufactured to support vertical loads, weights and pull-down effect during the handling of gates of dams in hydroelectric power plants.

The cylinders for Bottom Outlet Gate are designed to support workload and to avoid corrosion due to the working environment.

This type of cylinders for intake gates can be customized and they can be equipped with the central flange and along with a container operating as expansion tank.


Maintenance activities

The concept of twin operating gates in the dam’s bottom outlet enables extraordinary maintenance activities to be undertaken such as the removal of sand, debris and other kinds of obstruction that can accumulate in the bottom of the basin. By closing the upstream gate, safe access is provided to the downstream gate for periodic maintenance activities.

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