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What is a Fixed Cone Valve?


Fixed Cone Valves are used to regulate flow from dams and reservoirs. It’s a free discharge valve that is commonly used as a turbine bypass valve, reservoir drain, or continuous discharge flow control valve. This type of valve dissipates enormous amounts of energy by breaking down the water into a large, hollow expanding jet.


How does a cone valve work?


The cone valve shall be of the conical plug type employing axial motion to unseat the plug, followed by a rotary motion to open or close the valve, and then followed by an axial motion to reseat the plug. The valve shall be totally adapted to the flow conditions at the installation site.

When the water comes in contact with the air, it is pulverized and an intense dispersion of the kinetic energy takes place. Generally, these valves discharge the water directly into the atmosphere. In this case, it is possible to provide the valve with a mobile guide vane or suitable steel concentration hood in order to better control the shape of the water outflow, and also the discharge would take place into a submerge medium being the downstream water level higher than the valve installation level.


Structure of the valve


The body shall have an inlet flange for mounting the valve into the pipe system. The mounting flange is used as a support leg for the valve and as a mounting bracket for valve actuators or cylinders. The body shall house a rubber seal to prevent upstream leakage between the body and the gate. The valve is designed such that the seal shall be replaceable without removal or disassembly of the valve. The fixed cone has to be inline and concentric with the valve body and attached to the body by rips welded to the inside of the valve body on the upstream side of the cone.



The valve is designed as a free discharging fixed cone valve capable of operating throughout its range without cavitation or vibration.




These valves can be actuated using either electric motors, hydraulic cylinders or manual actuators. The chosen method shall be sized to perform the function for which it is required.

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