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Vortex Hydra is pleased to present its production of Radial Gates.

The gates, in hydraulic engineering, are movable barriers for controlling the passage of fluid through a channel, like a river or a canal, where usually there are a pair of gates at each end. The radial gates or tainter gates are similar in principle, but they are segments of cylinders curved in vertical section to better resist water pressure.

The ones that Vortex Hydra produces are custom made floodgates used to control the water flow through dams’ spillways and river barrage.

Characteristics of the Radial Gates

The Radial Gates’ design consists of a reinforced curved skin plate that has horizontal beams to reinforce the structure and two main vertical beams to transfer the load to the main rotational arms located on either side.

At the ends of the radial arms the rotation is being possible by a frame mounted ‘trunnion’ embedded or anchored in the side walls, that enables circular rotation of the gate to be achieved during the ‘opening/closing’ operations by means hydraulic servomotors or electric winch with chain or rope.

Custom made design solutions

The main characteristic of the VH’s Radial Gates is the custom gate dimensions, that can be adapted to fit with the existing site conditions or with special design required by the civil works, making the structure perfectly customizable.

Flexible and versatile operating systems

The Radial Gates can operate in very different ways: their structure has the possibility to operate in a partially open position to regulate the downstream water flow and it can also operate in submerged conditions with sealing at the top of the gate, where a special sealing system is provided.

Utility of the radial gates

Radial Gates are useful for a lot of required operations. The main ones are: drawing off water for irrigation and water supply, ensuring a minimum flow in the river for riparian interests downstream, generating power and evacuating water and slit from the reservoir.

Quality Management System

All phases of the engineering design and fabrication through to final testing are undertaken by Vortex Hydra in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

In our website you can find all the other information about the Radial Gates and everything you need to know about innovation and engineering.