Assembly and Workshop Tests

Main Activities

Vortex Hydra in agreement with the customer can undertake a series of tests on all plant and equipment at different manufacturing stages.

The tests are normally based on current International Standards but can be customized to suit a clients own specific requirements that he will have provided to Vortex Hydra in advance.

When applicable, Vortex Hydra normally suggest to perform:

Operational tests:

Vortex Hydra is equipped with test bench to perform Operational tests, such as opening and closing movements for a valve (or a gate) to check the correctness and the timing of the operational cycle as well as to set the possible electrical/mechanical devices connected to the moving parts for process control;

Hydraulic pressure tests:

Vortex Hydra is equipped with test bench to perform Hydraulic pressure tests, such as:

  • pressure tests on valves’ body, in order to check the perfect assembly and tightening conditions of the valve;
  • leakage test on valves’ sealing systems, in order to check its tightness performances;
  • pressure tests on Water control Circuit (for spherical valves) and on Hydraulic Power Units;
  • pressure tests on Hydraulic Cylinders;