Lettre d’information


This has been a challenging year for all of us people fighting for their country, for their business and for their loved ones. It has put our community and every one of us to the test requiring us to be tenacious, inventive, strong, and resourceful. We have tackled this pandemic by relying on our own resources, that is people who will always be at the heart of our business and our main core value.

Thanks to these people, and to those who work directly for our customers and suppliers, Vortex Hydra have forged a team that has quickly and successfully tackled this challenge and so achieved remarkable results despite being faced with difficult and unprecedented circumstances. In fact, we have seized this opportunity to modernise Human Innovation Project Vortex Hydra even further.

For this reason, Vortex Hydra launched that next year will share and highlight the importance of the efforts that each member of our team are and will continue to make together with their commitment to achieving our common to learn, grow and evermore look to the future! Why not join the Vortex Hydra team!