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The Radial Gate (also called Tainter Gate or Taintor Gate) is a different type of floodgate used to control the water flow through dams and canal locks. This type of floodgate is raised and lowered by radial arms located on either side of the gate.
The design of the Radial Gate consists of a suitably reinforced rolled steel skin plate that has two structurally designed radial arms located on either side. The pivoting radial arms are individually located at the ends by a steel mounted ‘trunnion’ located on the adjacent concrete walls to enable circular rotation of the gate to be achieved during the ‘opening/closing’ operations.
When closed, the outer curved surface of the skin plate is loaded against the water pressure with the radial arms and associated pivoting system located on the dry side. The Radial Gate can also operate in a partially open position to allow restricted downstream water flow.
In special applications, the Radial Gate can operate in submerged conditions as a bottom outlet. In this event a special sealing system in the upper side of the gate is provided.
The Radial Gates are fabricated in rolled steel plate that is suitably reinforced with various steel sections to withstand the water pressures. Vortex Hydra as part of their design criteria normally recommend the type of steel to be used but any special request from the customer can be analysed and agreed on.

The operational system of the gates could consist of the following:
• Twin hydraulic cylinders to actuate movement of the radial arms.
• Electrical motorised gear box with rope or chain type lifting system
• Special operational system defined and agreed with the customer

Sealing System: rubber seals located in the bottom and side edges of the gates that seat into a stainless steel sealing frames that are attached to adjacent concrete structure.
All phases of the engineering design and fabrication through to final testing are undertaken by Vortex Hydra in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
Vortex Hydra design and manufacture Radial Gates having dimensions up to 15 x 12m.

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