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An extraordinary maintenance solution for the Ravedis Dam in Pordenone, Italy

Vortex Hydra supplied the mechanical and hydraulic control system for the Ravedis dam, which is located on the Cellina creek, next to the town of Pordenone in Northern Italy. Vortex Hydra were commissioned by a group of associated companies “Corav” (including Impregilo Corporate) on behalf of the Consortium Cellina-Meduna of Pordenone (Public organization that oversees the “water” management). The Ravedis dam is a overflow type dam that protects the town of Pordenone from the full flow of water from the Cellina creek. The equipment that was designed, supplied and installed included:

· N.2 bottom outlets (BO) 6,00m x 4,50m in size, each consisting of two hydraulically operated sliding gates with upstream and downstream embedded (8000 nominal diameter) extensions pipes.

· N.1 2000 nominal diameter discharge exhaust outlet (DO) located in the body of the dam, with N.1 DN2000 PN6 butterfly valve (BV) and N.1 DN1500 PN6 hollow jet valve (HB).

· N.1 intake structure that is similar to the discharge exhaust outlet (DO), and additional works (bridge cranes, stop logs, oleodynamic and hydraulic systems). In 2011, Vortex Hydra were commissioned to undertake a complete maintenance programme of the equipment referred to above. The programme undertaken was very complex in its content and involved the disassembly, workshop overhaul and replacement of one of the four hydraulic cylinders located on the bottom outlet gates of the dam. The cylinder was considerably large with: bore DN700, stem DN280, stroke 6050mm and weighting 20 Tons.

To undertake the maintenance of the stem unit it was necessary to lift the cylinder in the workshop, re-machine it, chromium plate it, change the seals and then test it. Given the original configuration of the civil works and the large size of the cylinder, Vortex Hydra technicians decided to simulate the lifting operation from the pit (approximately 50m deep) with a 1:1 scale model cylinder (see Photo 2) by means of a bridge crane through to loading the cylinder onto the truck. When the simulation operation was successfully completed it was possible for Vortex Hydra to proceed to the next step which involved undertaking the actual maintenance of the cylinder. When transport cylinder back to the Ravedis Dam, general test of the gate, in dry and under water load conditions, functional tests and final report were done.


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